Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Wait your Turn !

A rather stern looking blue tit takes a break from feeding to give a serious warning look at a robin perched in a nearby bush.
The look was enough on this day to deter the robin from chasing him off which is usually what happens.
The blue tit must have been really hungry because the roles are usually reversed and the robin takes over at the feeding station till he has satisfied himself and when he leaves
the blue tit dines.

Here's the robin waiting patiently in the bush close by. On seeing the blue tit had beat him to the food he patiently waited with a look of disappointment.
None of the birds who visit my back yard ever go short of food as I always keep the feeding cages well stocked.
They all get fed eventually it's just a case of when due to the pecking order.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

This is my Best Side

It's a miserable wet easter sunday here in England so I decided to go through some photo's
and sort the good from the bad.
Here's one I took about a week ago. It seems this robin is used to having his photo taken and knows which is his best side and poses for pictures.
When this picture was taken the sun was out and had been for a couple of days. My feeding station was busy with the blue tits, robins and the occasional sparrow feeding themselves up.
I supppose they all knew that we were in for some rain so they were filling themselves up and then they would not need to come out for food in the rain,

Friday, 18 April 2014

Posing for the Camera

A Robin stands still just long enough for me to capture a picture before flying to my nearby feeding station for a meal. 

Sunday, 23 March 2014

European Robin

With a few days of sunshine and dry weather my garden was starting to dry out and look a bit more like a garden.
This weather always brings a stream of regular visitors to my feeding station at the top end of my garden and here is one of them.
This robin is a year round visitor and sometimes he is accompanied by another who I assume must be his/her partner.
Sometimes there are a few blue tits in competetion for food and there can be a few fights, but there is plenty of food on offer and they all get their share in the end.
Early mornings around about 7.00 am is the best time to see the most activity with the birds fuelling up for the day ahead. 

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Blue Tit

Blue Tit by spikey_64
Blue Tit, a photo by spikey_64 on Flickr.

The weather has has taken a change for the better and although it is still cold the sun is shining.
This Blue Tit was visiting my back yard in search of food and there wasn't a shortage of it.
There were insects and worms everywhere due to the ground drying out after some of the worst storms we have ever had.
The worms and insects came out in search of a meal and ended up becoming one.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Autumn Leaves

With the autumn season just beginning and the leaves beginning to take on a whole new look it's a great time of the year to capture some great photos.
The rich array of colour that comes out in trees and plants at this time of year leaves a photographer spoilt for choice as to what to capture.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

White with a Hint of Pink

Last year I visited a discount store that had not long opened close to where I live and whilst browsing around I was quite surprised to find they had a good selection of merchandise in their gardening section.
Amongst the many different flowers and packs of seeds there was a good selection of rose bushes.These bushes were about 4 - 6 inches in height and came in a variety of colours.
Without much faith in my skills as a gardener I decided to buy one and plant it in my mothers backyard. As you can see, this summer the rose bloomed and had about 6 flowers come out at different times throughout the summer.
It's a lot taller now than when I first got it so I will have to find out some information on the proper way to prune roses and care for them.
I think I will be taking another visit to that discount store this year and get some more different coloured roses. So don't forget to revisit if you want to see more images of my attempts at rose growing.